About Our Therapists

All of our therapists specialize in the treatment of children and come with experience in pediatric therapy.  Our occupational therapists have additional training in treating children with Sensory Processing Disorder, a disorder that often accompanies diagnosis such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit, and reactive attachment disorder among others. We hold our therapists to the highest standards.  You will find them to be caring and compassionate when providing therapy for your child. 

Our Team

Sheridan Staff
Casper Staff

Shellie Szmyd OTR/L-Owner
Cortney Connolly MS, OTR/L-Director

Sarah Finkle MS/CCC-SLP

Mary McDougall-Business Manager

Tiffany Bader, MS, OTR/L

Caitlin Shinabarger, MS, OTR/L

Jessica McWilliams, MS, OTR/L-Lead Therapist

Sierra Oxford, COTA/L

Cheyenne Staff                               Gillette

Tori Rosenthal DPT                  Lindsey Hall MS, OTR/L
Megan House, COTA/L             Laure
Mullaney MS,OTR/L  

Jennifer Oakes MS, OTR/L       Madeline Neal MS, CCC-SLP  Kathy Bolding MS, OTR/L        Caitlin Shinabarger MS,OTR/L  Cindy Anderson MS, SLP 

Delana Overstreet SLPA                         

Ashley Meeks  - Office Manager

Occupational Therapist Sheridan

With the combined talents of our team, Sensational Kids can provide a wide range of services to help your child GROW and IMPROVE on a variety of developmental skills.

Take a look at our four locations -- Sheridan, Casper, and Cheyenne, Gillette!