Additional Services 

All of our services are provided in a safe, child and parent friendly environment.

Feeding Program

The Sensory Oral Sequential (SOS) Approach to Feeding is

a play based feeding program designed to help children who are extremely picky eaters or those that have inadequate nutritional intake causing growth concerns. 

Aquatic Therapy*

Aquatic therapy encorporates use of the swimming pool to enhance motor skills, coordination and strength.  It is also helpful in addressing sensory regulation.

*Not available at all locations
Integrated Listening System (iLs)*

iLs programs effectively “re-train” parts of the brain involved in learning, communicating and moving. Combining a Tomatis based auditory program with specific visual and vestibular stimulation, iLs strengthens neurological pathways and improves our ability to learn and to process information. iLs is most often applied to improve:
• learning difficulties
• auditory processing, reading, phonemic awareness
• concentration and attention
• sensory processing